Specialist Products.  
At the request of our customers, we are pleased to be able to offer a range of products to match specialist  requirements.  
White Polyurethane Pants with comfortable white trim.  
Now with welded and sewn side seams for additional protection and durability.  
Following many requests from our customers, we are pleased to offer our white Polyurethane pants. Polyurethane pants (PU pants) provide up to three times the strength and life of vinyl pants, offer some stretchability and they can be machine washed without hardening or cracking.  
As Polyurethane is breathable, these pants are soft, comfortable and cool to wear for long periods. The have a wide crotch and are shaped for a comfortable and effective fit over all types of all-in-one pads, even when sitting. The pants are fully reversible and appear as normal underwear when worn with the soft Polyurethane coating on the inside and the Polyester surface on the outside. This gives maximum protection when worn with our terry pants and terry nappies. Alternatively, the comfortable Polyester surface may be worn against the skin for users with light incontinence managed by pull-up disposable briefs and washable briefs with pads.  
PUMWHT: OUT OF STOCK. White Polyurethane pants. Waist 24-36 Hip 40 max Leg 14-20 inches. £0.00 Qty

PULWHT: OUT OF STOCK. White Polyurethane pants. Waist 32-42 Hip 48 max Leg 18-23 inches. £0.00 Qty

PUXLWHT: OUT OF STOCK. White Polyurethane pants. Waist 32-48 Hip 54 max Leg 20-28 inches. £0.00 Qty