Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the questions asked by our customers and our replies which we hope you will find useful.

How do I know that the quality of your products will match my requirements?

All of our products are from leading U.K. manufacturers and suppliers.  Many of our products have been developed and refined over a number of years, based on feedback from our customers and continence support organisations and charities.

What are the advantages of reusable products and why are they not widely available form my local pharmacy?

Apart from the appearance when being worn and lack of embarrassment when travelling abroad with packs of disposables, reusable products help the environment and save you a great deal of money.  We estimate that if you use 3 disposable pads per day you will save over 200 per year by buying 10 reusable liners.  Customers suffering from severe urinary incontinence and using disposable nappies will save even more by changing to our 300 ml reusable pads.  These savings include the laundry costs.  Local pharmacies of course make a great deal of money from selling disposable products and it encourages you to visit their shop and purchase other items.

How can I contact you with any queries I have?

As you will have found us on the Internet and most service providers or companies such as offer e-mail services, the best method is by e-mail.   For U.K. customers only, if you would like us to telephone you after 7.00 PM local time, please include your name and land-line telephone number in your e-mail. Please note that our phone system does not allow calls to mobile numbers.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Following UK mail order regulations, we state a maximum 28 day delivery time. If for any reason we can not ship your order within 28 days, we will email you and offer you an option to cancel your order. We usually ship on-line orders within 3-5 working days, but please allow 10 working days before contacting us. If you are paying by cheque (please put your guarantee card number and address on the back) please allow an additional 7 working days for us to clear your cheque.

Can I exchange my goods if they are the wrong size?

EU hygiene regulations are strict and incontinence products are classed as "intimate apparel" and  "medical dressings" which, to prevent any risk of infection, can not be exchanged. In addition, other customers would not be happy receiving products which have been returned, so we do not normally accept returned goods.  Please study our sizing tables carefully before ordering.   If you have any doubts about what size to order please e-mail us with details of the garment you require and your waist, hip and thigh measurements so that we can advise you of the correct size to order.

What about faulty goods?

We carefully check all products before dispatch, but should you find a product to have a manufacturing fault, please email us.

Please note that vinyl, rubber and polyurethane has little or no stretch and pants will tear at the seams or break the thread if over-stretched and customers are advised to ensure a loose fit over their largest pads. Please allow for swelling of the hdrogels used in disposable pads, as the volume of these can expand between 30 and 60 times the dry size. Waterproof pants must be eased on and off. Split or torn garments, or garments where the thread has been broken can not be classed as a manufacturing defect.

Vinyl pants should be considered as semi-disposable as vinyl will naturally loose it's suppleness and harden with age. Exposure to sunlight, heat and oil-based creams will cause the premature hardening of vinyl materials.

How do I wash my garments?

Full washing instructions are supplied with each garment.  Please note that even high performance vinyl does loose it's suppleness with age.  Unfortunately, this can not be avoided as the plasticisers migrate from the fabric with washing and if line dried, exposure to sunlight will greatly increase this natural ageing process.  Our manufacturers recommend that vinyl products should be hand washed and towel dried.

Return delivery for faulty goods.

The customer must email Arizona Healthcare in advance of any return, stating the nature of the manufacturing defect.

At the customer's request, Arizona Healthcare will reimburse the customer with the amount charged for the return of any item returned due to a manufacturing defect, up-to a maximum value of the original amount paid by the customer for delivery. Evidence of the amount paid for return delivery (usually the postage stamp values or a post office receipt) may be requested. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the returned items are received by the supplier.*

Discretionary refunds.

Following prior agreement by email, Arizona Healthcare may offer a discretionary refund as a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately, we are unable to recover costs incurred by us during the purchase transaction and delivery (i.e. Card transaction fees and charges. Original postage and packaging costs. The VAT applicable to these items). Please note that these unrecoverable costs will be deducted from any discretionary refund.

Undeliverable items.

The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that we receive a valid and accurate delivery address, and for receiving (or collecting if an 'unable to deliver' card is left by the courier) their package. No refunds will be offered for items returned to us marked by the courier as 'uncollected by recipient'. At our discretion, the customer will be offered an opportunity to pay for redelivery.

* We recommend that customers request a free proof of posting certificate as this will be required by Royal Mail if a return item is lost or stolen and you need to make a claim against Royal Mail. Please also retain details of your original payment to Arizona Healthcare.