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About Privacy+
We recognise that it may not be convenient or appropriate for some of our customers to have their order delivered directly to their home. This may be due to being at work during the week, or living in shared accommodation where maintaining the privacy of your delivery may be difficult.
Our Privacy+ service allows you to select a convenient delivery location where your order will be held for up to 10 days, enabling you to collect it at your convenience.
  • Where is my local delivery point? Click here to check.
  • Is my order insured? Yes, we insure all orders up to a value of 100
  • Why does Arizona Healthcare charge more than the amounts shown on the Collect Plus web site? Our price includes packaging materials, insurance and additional administration and transportation to our local Collect Plus depot.
  • Does Arizona Healthcare offer the free returns service? No, EU health regulations prohibit the exchange of incontinence protection products.
  • Is there anything that I can not order using this service? Multi-pack terry nappies may be too heavy and bulky, so please email sales@arizona-care.co.uk before selecting this delivery option.
  • How will I know when my order has arrived for collection? Collect Plus (not Arizona Healthcare) will text or email you when your delivery is ready for collection from your chosen location. Opening times can be checked here.

Please note that Arizona Healthcare accepts no responsibility for items that have not been collected within the Collect Plus 10 day period. Any additional recovery costs will be charged to the customer.